• Real Hero
    Real Hero

    She seems like a paid 👄 mouth 😉!

  • Your Mom Wards
    Your Mom Wards

    People will do and say lots of things to make money. It is not the type of drug to be used recreationally. This is rediculous.

  • Khay ThePharaoh
    Khay ThePharaoh

    Shes right! Go check out what's going on in Canada 😖😖😖 https://youtu.be/B0dYEx58kGE

  • barbm1001

    Wow!! I’ve never felt high. I take it and take a nap so I’m not understanding this at alllllll. I’m confused!! I am prescribed a very high dose. Ppl snort this? Just like all antidepressants you have to be weened off? I’m speechless. Hostility?? I take 450mg!

  • Spills51

    As a side effect I never saw coming it made me dropping opiates SO MUCH EASIER. Literally made yrs worth of abuse an almost non issue when cold turkeying them. Crazy how its not mentioned more. Although when I looked there are others who had the exact same effect.
    Only thing that made me able to kick them and I wasn't even planning on it lol. Just sorta took the craving away.
    Crazy drug.

  • Pepe the frog
    Pepe the frog

    I get 30X 300mg each month and i snort the entire script in one night. I hallucinate about demons and creatures trying to kill me. I have trouble breathing or seeing stright. Its a great time. I cant wait to get more

  • Sandra TheGraceland
    Sandra TheGraceland

    it only caused me anxiety when I drink coffee. If I dont drink coffee it works for me.

  • brian

    what if i just snort one 150mg xl pill. will i still be ok later? please i need to know i am very hooked on this pill and need to do a little right now

  • Barbungar Mora Sealo
    Barbungar Mora Sealo

    note to self take one a day…

  • 4208jason

    I'm about to snort mine 😉

  • atlas

    this video seems like it was directed by 8th graders for a school health project. except it's a woman speaking

  • Özgür Kizilaslan
    Özgür Kizilaslan

    Radia du tuhst mir leid :-

  • Stew

    I got knocked out for two days took too meany of these.

  • Lisa Albrecht
    Lisa Albrecht

    now it is a psyo sup9osotory…

  • Corazón de Hierro
    Corazón de Hierro

    wath about 500 mg orally?

  • Alex Neil
    Alex Neil

    omfg right when I thought it couldn't get worse I scroll down and see some one claiming to inject this shit hahahahahah a 24 hour hotline for wellbutrin addiction ! omfg you might as well go and shoot your moms zoloft


    I have just started this medication and I love it. The weight loss and it most definitely stops the urge to stop smoking.
    I would advise you not to snort it because it burns like Hell. ….

  • Eric

    This female robot is scaaary.

  • Tyler Brown
    Tyler Brown

    Literally tens of millions of people globally have used bupropion to successfully treat depression or quit smoking – that's not even considering off-label uses, such as ADHD treatment. There are, at most, a few thousand alleged cases of bupropion abuse – all or nearly all of them occurring in individuals who have major, long-term histories of abuse with multiple substances. Experience suggests that most of these individuals will consume any substance they believe might have a CNS effect – desirable or not, real or imagined.

    All of the evidence available shows that the dependence liability of the drug is extremely low. The self-interested, unsubstantiated YouTube advertisements of the crank, pseudomedical "rehab" industry should not dissuade anyone from seeking necessary, competent, evidence-based medical treatment for any substance abuse or mental health issue.

  • Doug Prishpreed
    Doug Prishpreed

     Please do yourself a favor..and I hope this STOPS ANYONE FROM SNORTING WELBUTRIN!!! First off I'm in an outpatient rehab center I have successfully staved off urges to drink and do drugs(coke,weed,pills) for 10 months until I relapsed on drinking a few nights ago…usually back in my prime I'd drink my fill then call my dealer for coke. Well I got no connects to coke anymore and I decided to crush up 8-9 pills of Welbutrin because I have heard of its stimulant properties…any way into the early hours of dawn I was snorting it. I was kinda feeling the effects but I thought it was not worth it to continue snorting. Around 8am I was talking to my mom and all of the sudden I had the out of body, detached feeling, heart was pounding ,I was saying weird things that did not make sense. Then I started to make grimacing faces of dread,then laughing hysterically simultaneously. I could not control these abnormalities. Then my mom rushed me to the hospital. I was hooked up to a IV FOR 8 HOURS. Finally I came back to my senses. But the mental scar remains…DON'T SNORT WELLBURIN!!!

  • lesterclaypool1

    People are shooting these up in my area.
    I thought the person that I heard it from had lost their damn mind.
    You get one shot per vein, that's it.
    It tears your body up.

  • Jaakko Huovio
    Jaakko Huovio

    iving buropion is kind of like amphetamine, ´but not as strong, i wouldn't use it if it wasn't so damn cheap! i meen when im out of drugs i just go to the farmacy to get a box of 300mg pill.

  • Jaakko Huovio
    Jaakko Huovio

    i typically inject 300mg is this dangerous?

  • KMFDM57

    this drug is no joke. if you get to abusing it can be extremely dangerous and yeah i can say ive experimented with damn near every drug and put onto by a dude that said "crush it and snort it itll give you a high like shitty coke" it is a stimulant. i guess canada is bad for abusing it.

  • Adam Robinson
    Adam Robinson

    Anyone who says that bupropion can't be abused in order to get high is completely wrong. Bupropion is a norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor in that it increases levels of adrenaline in the body. This helps people who suffer from depression to get moving. But bupropion is also a weak dopamine reuptake inhibitor as well. This means it prevents the recycling of dopamine in the brain and instead allows it to build up in the synapses between the neurons. Two other well known DRIs are Ritalin, and Cocaine. Obviously these are much stronger than bupropion, but nonetheless, any DRI has the potential to get someone high, and when snorted, bioavailability increases so more of the drug gets into your blood system than it normally would if taken orally, and it gets into your system at a faster rate. I know from personal experience, and pharmaceutical research.

  • wizloon

    It works great for smoking cessation.

  • mizlo187

    i can assure anyone who cares that this medication indeed does have the potential for abuse infact my goldfish knows people who on one of the less luxurious days that a life of addiction takes them they have injected welbutrin 300 mg xr with side effects similar to a poor mans cocaine or something along those lines .Aswell i have heard many credible stories of people using welbbutrin and experiencing intensely noticeable effects .and theres my two cents oh by the way does anyone know if one can spellcheck in the comment section?

  • ronnymatt81

    this stuff works great at controlling overeating as it somehow suppresses appetite. being fat just makes us more depressed.

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