• Jordan Alomay
    Jordan Alomay

    You are still young…. it's not too late.

  • tim bum
    tim bum

    its not the health and money that you waste on drugs as it seems to me but the amount of time you waste not producing anything while eather tryng to score or beeing high is the worst thing it just rns past you

  • chessmoves

    Don't cry…You are a better person and you are better than normal

  • Jewel Juarez
    Jewel Juarez

    Thank you you exprience on this matter.. You gave me some tips on my reseach….

  • Mista Mase
    Mista Mase

    @djoniMoroni it depends what kind of drugs, all drugs work in completely different ways. if your just getting high on weed everyday thats fucking different aint it.

  • Rio El Zile
    Rio El Zile

    fuck house, geting high is only solution, you all losers, if you use drugs dont selfpitty all the time. im almost 20 years on all drugs and im just fine. i dont give a fuck!

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