Dr. Von Stieff explains the dangers of what benzodiazepines do and how these GABA drugs, like Xanax and diazepam, can lead to prescription addiction and …



  • Rubby Genger
    Rubby Genger

    your`e talking shit man, benzo is best for anxiety and don`t need take many, all drugs are adictive if you don`t know how to use, same with sugar

  • Tromsat

    Psychiatrists are destroying our world

  • Ein Sof
    Ein Sof

    Try saying gabaergic assbag

  • rtyrty12

    Only your doctor knows if you need Benzos or not. There is so many factors, the big one being how you feel personally. Take the medication as suggested (most don't) and you'll avoid a lot of issues. That includes a severe dependence, and destroyed GABA receptors.

  • Robert Long
    Robert Long

    Detox Diazepam w/ Xanax???? That would be the dumbest move ever from a Doctor

  • Alaskan Bullworm
    Alaskan Bullworm

    These drugs are bs I took zoloft had a paradocical reaction caused me to have severe depression and now I took Xanax caused me to have a pardoxical reaction again now I am stuck with debilitating anxiety and severe depression my life is over thanks to these drugs.

  • Drew Britain
    Drew Britain

    Diazapam is quality drug just dont abuse it.

  • sweety gal
    sweety gal

    doctors are nothing but legal drug pushers with a degree

  • Star Gaze
    Star Gaze

    Benzodiazepines r a godsend when taken properly. Addicts abuse it just like they abuse cigarettes, soda, fast food.Some people cannot control themselves. Doctors wanna give ssri instead of benzos now, ssri r extremely dangerous for most people. Its the politicians who wanna take away the drugs that actually work because of drug addicts, well their r plenty of alcoholics n alcohol is stil being sold. Trying to ban kratum now, its political n it stinks.

  • Maria PR
    Maria PR

    GABA supplements make me MORE anxious! I’m from what I am researching I am not the only one.

  • Check and Balance
    Check and Balance

    This is incorrect. Benzodiazepines do not raise GABA. They just potentiate the GABA receptor. They actually just make the GABA that's already there more effective. Alcohol bonds to a different spot on the GABA receptor and it does not raise GABA either. Alcohol is also more complicated than this, it effects dopamine and many other systems. Good hearted attempt but fundamentally incorrect.

  • Rx

    I appreciate this video. Great work.

  • Ragnarok

    By world wide reasearch. There has been found that if you take benzo like valium if you are stressed out ore have anxiety. It will only prolonge ur life! If taken only when such episodes accure. But it becomes a habit to eat em and like the walking on clouds feeling. And Then it is harmfull. Use herbs and oil extracts.

  • David Harrington
    David Harrington

    He is so wrong about alcohol, I stopped drinking taking zx. ANT touched a drink in years

  • Mark K
    Mark K

    I took Gaba for about 2 weeks and it worked great the first few days. It made me feel high on life but after about 3 or 4 days of taking supplement I was having a lot of shortness of breath with chest pain especially before going to bed. It got so bad in the 2nd week that I was feeling this pinching feeling in my heart that was worsening over time. I threw my gaba in the trash after 2 weeks.

  • Leo D
    Leo D

    Natural alternatives to benzos will be very helpful to manage GABBA induced imbalances

  • Ncyim

    Niacin/ vitamin B3 is said to cure addiction. Anyone here try it yet?

  • Eric b
    Eric b

    just use phenibut works the same if not better last 12 hrs no need for alcohol or benzos plus you can buy 100 grams for $25 will last months @2gram doses better euphoria,sleep,energy and calmness you have total control

  • Fill Phish
    Fill Phish

    What about phenibut. It's helped me a lot and I haven't experienced anything close to addiction in the 3 months i've been using it.

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown

    the reason crossing someone from valium to Xanax for tapering purposes is bad, is Xanax has a very short half life. valium has around a 200hr half life, so obviously it's favioble to transition from a short acting benzodiazepine to a longer and then slowly taper to lessen the chances of a bad withdrawal or even seizures.

  • Hozer Vee Dubb_twosixx
    Hozer Vee Dubb_twosixx

    I use clonazepam solution for anxiety , 5 drops , 0.5 mgs as needed . I'll do 1 gram a day at the most. Say I use it for stressful days but I go weeks and weeks without using it . The way I see it that's how it's meant to be used , I've never had any withdrawals just benefits from this wonderful drug. Also it is extremely important to have discipline and only use what you need . If you're prescribed it daily by your docs we'll send them straight to hell and only use it once or twice a week at the most

  • brian robinson
    brian robinson

    It should be mandatory for all doctors to take benzos from r a minimum of 4 months and then stop them cold turkey. That way they can get true experience of what the drugs really do. And to all these idiot doctors who claim that there is no withdrawal after a few days. Haha. Then you shouldn't have a problem taking them. I was only on Ativan for 2 months. Never took more than 1.5 mg per day. Thankfully I stopped them on my own against my doctors advice. Now I'm nearly 3 months off, and I'm having muscle pain, numbness, can't sleep, twitches, blurry vision, etc. Didn't have any of these before Ativan. I had 1 panic attack at work and went to the hospital and trusted a doctor. Boy was I lied to. DO NOT TAKE BENZOS. THE STORIES ON GOOGLE AND YOUTUBE ARE TRUE. STAY AWAY FROM BENZOS

  • Endtime Saints
    Endtime Saints

    If you have Intracranial Hypertension, non benzos don't work

  • Endtime Saints
    Endtime Saints

    Jesus is the great Physician

  • Bohemian Painter
    Bohemian Painter


  • Joes Disley
    Joes Disley

    what about gaba rice (sprouted rice containing gaba)?

  • Eddie pierson
    Eddie pierson

    I did a few clinical rounds with you at John Muir. Great info Dr.

  • Nic ole
    Nic ole

    You need to learn the fundamental difference between addiction and prescribed physiological dependence

  • Dan Lebrun
    Dan Lebrun

    ok well some peopel need benzo.

  • Evilis Anihilis Uls
    Evilis Anihilis Uls

    Regarding Assholes Accusing People Of Abusing Benzos
    The accusation that they must be abused to be harmful is bullshit. I was given Ativan when I went inpatient, they just handed it out like candy, I was in so much pain that I just trusted them. I took it for only about a month on a low dose 1mg a day and ran out, JUST like I was prescribed, and my anxiety was jacked up 10x what I ever thought it could be. These drugs don't take long to hurt you and don't take long term use.

    A good analogy would be is that peanut butter is good and tasty to most people, but a certain percentage of people will get a hellish alergic reaction. These drugs should never be handed out willy nilly, and need to be regulated for only the worst case scenarios.

    The withdrawal will make your old anxiety seem like a walk in the park.

    You may have been lucky, but to say people willingly abused them is just bullshit; most people just take them as prescribed and have no idea the hell they will cause when you want to stop.

  • New life
    New life

    We all know pills have side effects but he never had anxiety i guess..Pills are not a permanent fix but they can give you time to rest and heal…Just like prolonged use of Xanax can make you anxious sometimes anxiety can make you even anxious is you don't break the circle.And no.Not everyone experience withdrawals especially if you taper slowly.

  • Right Coast
    Right Coast

    It breaks my heart that I can't just take a klonipin every day and avoid all the side effects. It's the only thing that has ever made me feel normal and able to hold a conversation with someone and be active in it. But after a month you need more, and then they stop working. I have tried so many natural remedies and exercise and nothing works, why can't I just be normal. 😕

  • anders lundin
    anders lundin

    35 års missbruk GÅR inte att komma i från

  • Ronniedasmoker

    This doctor is a professional he knows what he's talking about benzodiazepines are very addictive drugs I have been trying to come off them for years but they are very hard a dog that is right with alcohol as well when combined with benzo diazepam says just the same effect

  • Sourav Roy
    Sourav Roy

    sir how to go through the withdrawal..i am a user of benzo

  • Sol Andre Raz Somoza
    Sol Andre Raz Somoza

    I take only take .5 of clonazepam and im sluggish back in the day I take 10 valium and makes me feel alright

  • Sonia IS
    Sonia IS

    Wath abouth zolpidem and gaba

  • Reviewed Popcorn
    Reviewed Popcorn

    He did not explain that Benzos are only bad if you abuse them, i use Valium once a year for a month, 10mg a day just for that one month. I dont have any withdrawls, it helps me with prevention of biting my nails, anxiety and sleep. It is the best drug as long as you dont keep using it forever no matter what the dosage. Its very effective and after many years of biting my skin(Dermatofagia) this is the only thing that has cured me. There is aso GABA B Agonist Phenibut. Phenibut can be addictive but only if used without having a break for a week every month.

  • TheAprilraine1

    not completely accurate . diazepam has its uses if used therapeutically. also alcohol may hit gaba but alcohol does not have a long half life. Diazepam does and breaksdown into active metabolites. So it can calm someone over a period and give them a break from serious panic. used carefully it has uses . saying it is always bad is wrong. I have studied these drugs in depth

  • Felix Ramos
    Felix Ramos

    more than just benzos

  • guy anderson
    guy anderson

    have you ever thought that taking to much of anything is not good for you.My father always said there is use and abuse,,,He described it like a baby if given a bottle and that bottle is huge the baby will drink until sick same as adults on benzos that abuse them..folks are just immature and supersize everything….My doctor dropped my benzo dose to 5 pills a month…big deal life goes on and i will survive

  • Nice2347

    Doctors should show this to every single person that is prescribed this crap

  • Junebug

    Please listen! The people that say benzos aren't addictive because they had no problem with them is like me saying that there's not a peanut allergy because I can eat peanuts .

  • MortenErCrazy

    You put it very well. I've had a lot of friends who have dealt with benzodiazepines, and all of them have ended up addicted. Most of them still are. There are many videos of people on youtube going through the withdrawal hell, yet we almost never hear a doctor address it.

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