• Ani Shahverdyan
    Ani Shahverdyan

    I just watched the movie, and I have many thoughts about it. First of all, the thought that a teenager or anyone at all is able to easily find a drug is already destructive. I blame the government and politics and businessmen who allow this disaster to happen and make money out of others` misfortune. If this kind of addiction is an illness it means these people force "the young brains" to become sick and die as a result. Secondly, in Nick`s case, as we can see, he didn`t have any traumatic drama in his childhood to be forced by circumstances or anything at all to take drugs, it was solely his curiosity, but why did he become curious about it? Because our society is full of information about drugs and their fake "pleasant effects". I lived all my life in a country where I have never heard the word "drug" in my childhood or as a teenager, and as a grown woman who has never taken a drug, I am happy that I wasn`t raised in a place, where even the negative propagandizing of drugs rises interest in a teenager to try them (they say the forbidden fruit is the most delicious). Finally, I was thinking that maybe WILL power should be enough to overcome this sickness just like getting rid of nicotine or alcohol, but this would be too subjective. How I wish our generation would be powerful enough to end this mass suicide… I feel the pain of all parents and young girls and boys who have ever come across to the situation which Nick miraculously managed to overcome. Bravo Nick, and bravo to his family.

  • Lucy Foster
    Lucy Foster

    Both the older and younger Shef are quite handsome. Nic has lovely eyes and he would do well to style his hair in a way that brings them out more.

  • vistaprime

    was Lauer fired shortly after this interview.

  • Karen M.
    Karen M.

    The oxymoron is that you CAN'T grow up on meth. Addiction halts your emotional growth, the drug damages parts of the brain needed for clear judgement.
    The fact that he chronically relapsed should be well noted. Nic's first book is all drunkalog. Little about recovery because 18 mos. Is barely a scratch.
    No need to write books, just live sober and help the next guy.

  • dude bruh
    dude bruh

    Love both books so much ❤ helped me alot

  • PrettyTiaF

    I JUST finished Tweak. I watched Beautiful Boy first and just KNEW there was way more beyond The Hollywood glam story. Tweak is the absolute most brutal book I have ever read. Nic if you ever read this, I cant even tell you how many times I actually found myself talking TO the book when I read where you said you hate yourself or that youre ugly or just seeing how you would become frightened like a child during someones moments of anger. Even though I know youre sober now my heart kept pounding as I kept reading and I just wanted to reach into that book and give you a hug. Nic I think you are incredibly gifted and dont realize it. Its always the beautiful ones who hate themselves. You are beautiful inside n out, kiddo and even though u may not believe in God I still hope you find spiritual healing which I think will truly complete your journey. Mind, body, soul and spirit 🙆🏾 Tweak was a breath taking read yawl. Be prepared to cry!

  • Olu Bukonla
    Olu Bukonla

    Nic Sheff says that he was high during this promotional tour. It shows. #smh

  • Ken Durasi
    Ken Durasi

    David looks so proud of Nic. This is parenting at its best.

  • Joanne Mercader
    Joanne Mercader

    Parents take responsibility for the truth that THEIR actions while raising children impacts emotional development and maturity?

    Biological parents are responsible AND accountable for the choices made that emotionally crippled the innocent children born to them.

    Father is married with children but from another woman.


  • Britta Olson
    Britta Olson

    Nic Sheff has put words to my struggle. I am also Bipolar 1-Rapid Cycling diagnosed & in long-term recovery from addiction.

  • Simi

    David Sheff is a lovely man <3

  • Jaime Jaimela JJ Matis
    Jaime Jaimela JJ Matis

    I read Beautiful Boy and did not want to read Tweak because too many people I know choose alcohol, drugs and other negative vices over friendships, work, relationships, etc. but I did read it and I have also read We All Fall Down… VERY important books! Both of their writings are so heartfelt yet heartbreaking, touching, honest, and informative! The words of the Sheff Men make me cry but WAY necessary because their writings teach so much!! Thank you for posting this past interview ♥
    #DavidSheff #BeautifulBoy #NicSheff

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