• cyril layman
    cyril layman

    The biggest myth of methadone is that it is bad for you're teeth & bones.I have been on methadone for 16 years & have yet to have one cavity.I am 50 years old & own all my teeth.I brush twice a day & floss twice a week.Most addicts go on to methadone are in poor health to begin with from using street drugs for years & eating poorly & bad hygiene for years.Then it is methadone that they blame it on,as they start to eat better & then by not having to be on the street they decide to go to the dentist & find out they have all these teeth issues well Duh.

  • Townie 7177
    Townie 7177

    I didn't watch the video yet but I seen the title and instantly had to say something. If this video blames Methadone for rotten teeth I'm going to flip. Methadone does not rot your teeth or get in your bones. It's a f**** meth. Methadone like a lot of other drugs causes dry mouth dry mouth causes teeth rot so as long as you stay hydrated and brush your teeth they will not fall out.

  • Noah Danielson
    Noah Danielson

    Gosh Jaunt, you are so freaking gorgeous😍😍😍
    Wish you went to my clinic, ahah. 😎☺

  • Arlene McMillan
    Arlene McMillan

    About to go floss now lol

  • Professor onthedrumkit
    Professor onthedrumkit

    I totally understand! My teeth were Immaculate up until I started taking pain medication. I'm in my late 40s and I never even had a cavity. When I started taking pain medication, I started having dry mouth too, and it started to affect my teeth terribly. Thank God I have dentists in my family. Good luck. I think you are a beautiful woman and I hope it works out for you

  • seanNJHC

    Methadone makes my teeth nicer and cleaner, on the strength that I clean them 2,3 times a day…when I'm strung out running id sell my toothbrush for a cotton shot (: for real though thanks for talking about Medicaid, I live in jersey and had Medicaid for 2 years but only use to pay my clinic weekly n doctor, so I gotta look into my Medicaid and see what dental it covers etc…thank u again Peace… (your eyes are crazy,in good way)

  • beautifulbutterfly site
    beautifulbutterfly site

    i tried getting the message to you before… i am on methadone for ten years my same tooth i got 5 Keith gone I also had special toothpaste special mouthwash and I still lost my teeth drinking massive loads of water I don't drink pop I drank what they call fizzy water and I still lost my teeth my bones are aching losing a lot of strength this is what methadone does I was trying to get ahold of you to ask you to try Suboxone instead

  • Real_Talk_ Recovery
    Real_Talk_ Recovery

    Hey Jaunty! Im Nicole, I have a recovery related channel also! Im on suboxone tho. I am working on my mental health and hopefully I will taper off eventually. How is your recovery going? Are you off methadone??

  • Daniel Marshall
    Daniel Marshall

    Absolutely true jaunt.the myth methadone rots your teeth is b.s.but the effects off the drug have made my gums recede at am alarming rate!I live in the UK so dental treatment is cheaper, sounds like in u.s it sucks. Swings and roundabouts jaunt methadone has saved my life but my teeth are not good .love your vids. Your well fit.your fella is a very very lucky man.☺

  • Boris Milanovic
    Boris Milanovic

    Also good movie. Useful.. Repect from Serbia, Europe, hope we will have a chance to discuss and/or contact.

  • cLimAx

    Are you still on the Methadone Maintenance Treatment? If so what dose are you on?

  • Derek Davis
    Derek Davis

    It does honey because I’m on 90 mills and I’ve noticed my teeth look 👀 in a mess now girl 😢

  • william holden
    william holden

    hey jaunt, keep up the vids,my meth nurse told me because of methadone my saliva production would be reduced,and a dryer mouth promotes plaque and bacterial growth, hence worse teeth, your recommendations are useful,thanks,,,

  • cbodine5

    Sorry 😐 haven’t commented in a while I ve been in north California great vid as always

  • ciara skelton
    ciara skelton

    I've just discovered you, you are so sweet and I just know that everything will work out for you! God bless x

  • Judita J.
    Judita J.

    My sweet Jaunty! I'm so sorry about that crap about your teeth. We are the same age, yet I have no any dental issues. Genetics probably. Any time I went to the dentist, it was only for whitening my teeth. No fillings, or anything.
    Sending love, as usual ❤

  • Donna Hamilton
    Donna Hamilton

    I went thru the exact same thing as you. I was on methadone for 2mnths and that was the first thing I noticed. My teeth got really sensitive and they started breaking off left and right. Unfortunately I was jst as devastated as u obviously are when I was told how much it wld cost. Medicaid wld only pull my teeth that cldnt be repaired with simple fillings. I understand the depression since I also always took good care of my teeth. I had no idea abt dry mouth until it was too late

  • Nick S
    Nick S

    I heard opiate users always crave candy? Do you crave sugar on methadone in order to support the effects? And, the cigarettes don't help your teeth either. Going forward, get Biotene mouthwash it's made for preventing dry mouth from medicines. Get ya teeth pulled; its better than getting an absess.

  • Saiful Sarif
    Saiful Sarif

    I also had a dry mouth eventhough my methadone dose are low. And i love to have my tea mix with a lot of sweetend creamer. Thank you Jaunt for the advice. I really appreciate it…muahhh luv u sis. Btw i have lost one teeth last week.

  • Darian Marie
    Darian Marie

    Try kratom it's awesome for opiate withdrawal

  • Frank Loeffen
    Frank Loeffen

    i am hurting already for the dentist, i have the same shit cause due kissing a dope head….

  • Ana’s Rants & Beauty
    Ana’s Rants & Beauty

    Omg I grind my teeth. My dads a dentist but moved to Texas. He works in a women’s prison now doing dental work. So I have to find a different dentist it’s been a year since I’ve been to one. I’m used to my dad doing my teeth as weird as that sounds. Dental work can be extremely expensive!!!!! People have no clue. It sucks unless you have good insurance.

  • crucifytheego100

    You are a lovely, helpful and positive girl. Go ahead!

  • Trendydogvegetarian

    Friend told me not to make "drugs",methadone etc. the cornerstone of my character , this struck a cord with me mainly because it has consumed me for over 20 years!,,I don't mean to be presumptuous or rude but I hope you don't or are not doing the same thing,,You a clearly a beautiful woman and very interesting and can offer the wold plenty..good luck with your journey

  • Iron Lion Zion ☘️🌿🍁🔥🍃
    Iron Lion Zion ☘️🌿🍁🔥🍃

    I’d never have known you had teeth problems from looking at you in past videos. I hope you get them sorted jaunt 👍. If you’re worried also about colouring as you said they’re yellow though they don’t look it you should try charcoal toothpaste. I used to smoke and gave it up a few years back but it left stains. The charcoal toothpaste though never rub it too hard into your teeth mixed with mouthwashes really helped me get rid of them. I’ve not been to a dentist in 20 years I should really go lol.

  • Nejc Zupan
    Nejc Zupan

    that sucks 🙁 … but we all lose teeth sooner or later after all. Some people lose them at your age naturaly. Did you try Buprenorphine? Its "healthier" for you,im taking it for years and im fine. you just need to get your dose right …. and its also easier to get off it,i done it a couple of times when i got drug tested for new jobs …. i didnt have a good time,but it was possible 🙂

  • Nico Vargas
    Nico Vargas

    You also don't want to brush your teeth right after eating or drinking something acidic. That can brush away your enamel. Wait at least 30 mins before brushing, but you can rinse out your mouth right away.

  • Nico Vargas
    Nico Vargas

    The tip for getting approved for things, is to have the dentist or doctor use big scientific words, or like words for actual diagnosesthat sou d legit, opposed to just saying root canal, etc. They are more likely to approve you! Same with rehab, insurance companies will cut people off when they ask for more time for a patient, but if they use big words and diagnosis, etc, they will approve people more often because they are more likely to think it's necessary (since they are not doctors so they usually don't know what is actually being asked for when they use medical jargon). Pro tip for ya.

  • Sweety Pie
    Sweety Pie

    It’s cheaper to go to the dentist regularly as opposed to waiting till it gets bad. Then it cost a small fortune.

  • Anthony Lindsey
    Anthony Lindsey

    Damn, 29 young , .. been there ..VA does no dental unless your 100%, in VOC REHAB OR INJURED IN THE MOUTH.. woo.. I'm not double your age but close.

  • Deathheads69

    Hmm, i wonder howmany cavitas i might have now. I havn't been to the dentist in 15 years, but i dont drink soda or juices or anything like that. I floss every other day and brish once a day. No tooth aches ever.

  • Mr. Brittany
    Mr. Brittany

    I'm so sorry Jaunt, I hope it all goes well and they just approve you versus making you have to appeal. Keep us posted on your journey dude.

  • Ogre Shaman
    Ogre Shaman

    Trick… Bring a straw and drink it , so it doesnt touch the teeth

  • Tracy Smith
    Tracy Smith

    Yep I am always thirsty, I have to have a drink near by at all times!
    Did methadone make you feel really hot all the time and sweat alot just doing simple chores like dishes or laundry?

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