• YouTube Red
    YouTube Red

    Prime example to NEVER DO DRUGS IN GENERAL!!!!!

  • XxPunkGameXx theEarthIsflat
    XxPunkGameXx theEarthIsflat

    I couldn’t even feel comfortable giving this shit to ppl like honestly if you can give this stuff to ppl for “money” than your just an overall bad person like you couldn’t give me a billion dollars to give even a small dose to somebody so let’s all just stick to weed


    Sad to see people given into a corrupt world of desires, Harm they do for themselves and others.

  • Nature Girl
    Nature Girl

    Why do people do this to themselves???
    These young people must have seen the effects of drug taking
    as they were growing up,but still took drugs in later life?
    I grew up with an alcoholic step father and I knew I never wanted
    that life ,so I've never touched alcohol…
    They're throwing their whole lifes… That's so sad..

  • James Murray
    James Murray

    What the flak

  • Anna Sloan
    Anna Sloan

    Some people in these videos are so compassionate, even though they could easily be in harms way they still say r u OK.

  • Nameless Nick97
    Nameless Nick97

    Yeah no thanks, ima stick with smoking my tide pods

  • 5.7 VIRUS
    5.7 VIRUS

    The dude at 1:29 was just stretching bro relax 😂😂😂

  • Rises Gb
    Rises Gb

    help him instead of videoing

  • Naila Garcia
    Naila Garcia

    Zombie fucken apocalypse bc of flaka.

  • Detonation Troller
    Detonation Troller

    I’m eating some red pop rocks and just realized how much it looks like Flakka

  • SosaTV

    What is flakka? I just heard about this today

  • Anath Kantonda
    Anath Kantonda

    As they do this drug they open themselves up to the demonic. It doesn't even look like people on drugs but demon possessed people.

  • Yogesh Pandey
    Yogesh Pandey

    imagine if they smoked weed than they would be having such a great timw.

  • Vanquish Media
    Vanquish Media

    Florida, not even once.

  • slump god
    slump god

    Y'all keep saying "these poor people" they chose to be on this path and they chose to put these kinds of horrible things in their system. It's their choice don't feel bad for people who didn't wanna help themselves 💯

  • ColinAllCreative

    can you imagine how awesome she would be in a porno?

  • David Ramos
    David Ramos

    Yeah I’ll just stick to my beers and lines of cocaine man this shit scary

  • Nathan Gilpin
    Nathan Gilpin

    It’s no coincidence that the states with the most draconian, harsh drug laws are the ones with these “synthetic drug zombie apocalypses”

    If people want to do drugs, they’re going to do them. If they want to escape reality/their problems, no law is going to stop them.

    When you throw hundreds of thousands into cages each year for possessing a plant, and then drug test them for years on end afterwards, some of those people will go for sketchy alternatives sold in local headshops that don’t show on tests. I witnessed this in 2010, it’s very real, very concerning, and completely avoidable.

    These people would literally be better off buying pure, regulated meth from a store. At least we have ~100 yrs of knowledge regarding that drug vs we don’t even know what’s in these salts because chemists are constantly altering the structure to win the game of pop a mole that law enforcement is playing. They will always be one step ahead. It doesn’t take a genius to realize these things…


  • my dog is mixbreed
    my dog is mixbreed

    Its so scary to see how they react to this flakka

  • Tech Priest
    Tech Priest

    I think some of these people are smoking that sherm stick

  • Tech Priest
    Tech Priest

    I kinda feel bad for the dude behind the dumpster

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