• whenindoubt mutemyownmouth
    whenindoubt mutemyownmouth

    An opiate Vaccine would be a horrible idea, what would people take for pain when they were shot, giving birth, or dying of cancer if their brains were made immune to opiates by a vaccine? Opiates have legitimate medical uses too for pain management. Medications have also already been developed to block the pleasure center in the brain from getting an addict high when they take opiates.

  • Thais T
    Thais T

    Seriously I just found this channel and I’m blown away by the content! So relevant and important!
    I have been saying for years that we NEED a NEW system for opioid addiction! I have lost countless friends
    I’m going to keep looking into this revolutionary ideas of addiction

  • Connie Boozer
    Connie Boozer

    Does it dawn on you in this world we inhabit the illinesses that plague us, the lack of food, no money for everyday bills and worst of all a lack of natural, real affection people are trying to kill ALL their very REAL pain? There is no REASON to go on and certainly no hope.

  • Dustin M.
    Dustin M.

    You guys are the best, keep it up.

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