• Brian Rapp
    Brian Rapp

    AMBIEN. KNOWS. !!!! IT. EVIL. canyonlocalfilmscom

  • mspixiedust100

    The whole REASON to use ambien is because you CAN'T SLEEP. It is EFFECTIVE. Did people forget they had a sleep problem and that's why they use ambien? Because it WORKS?

  • Big daddy Brown
    Big daddy Brown

    Being a shift worker. Switching from days to nights every few days. I need my ambient

  • Scott Perkins
    Scott Perkins

    Ambien is a good drug that helps many people.

  • Old Conspiracy Dude
    Old Conspiracy Dude

    I want to just take Unisom but then you stay tired because of the drug half life being 9 hours. Melatonin only works if your body
    is lacking natural production of it. I used to think people like Michael Jackson were exaggeration about their sleep disorders. When it happen to you you understand what others have gone through.

  • georgia sokolay
    georgia sokolay

    Ambien doesn't linger in your system and its not addictive unless you manage to abuse it and even then its rare you create a dependency for it. If you are awake while on ambien you risk mania and it isn't a narcotic. This video is prob just girls blaming ambien for doing stupid shit.

  • Rosita

    If they end up pulling ambien off the market I'm going to be one pissed off bitch. I suffer from delayed sleep phase which is where your body prefers to sleep during the day and be up at night. Ambien has made my life so much better I honestly don't know what I'd do if they pulled it off the market. It's been the only thing that's helped me with my sleep disorder.

  • ChubbyUnicorn22

    I called ex bf, eating, driving and car wrecks. thank god I'm ambien free 14 months. I had to go to rehab

  • onlysmoketobacc ;)
    onlysmoketobacc ;)

    This is fuxking stupid . You lie In bed and take it. Whether u see fairies or not ur asleep . Ive never sleep walked. And u knkw these dixkers are all on ambian anyways

  • Robert Andrews
    Robert Andrews

    Ambien is not a narcotic!!

  • Bronco Surveillance
    Bronco Surveillance

    Sounds like side affects of Ambien are like coming home from two back to back Combat tours. Dream land and you don't know if your home dreaming of war or At war dreaming of home. Starts to suck after about a week.

  • Garyb3397

    From left to right, a sea of twits.  Love the tramp who talks about her sex life with her daddy (yeah, probably reliving an encounter she had with HIM).  And not ONE of those "experts" mentioned cutting out caffeine.  Ridiculous. 

  • Tat tood
    Tat tood

    I only use it for sex.

  • Toku Afol
    Toku Afol

    i havent had serious hallucinations yet but im just afraid of becoming dependent

  • cyranothecat

    Ive taken Ambien for a while now and its not a problem. I usually take it to go to sleep but not every night.

  • Mzbabyface78

    I have no problem with it everyone reacts differrnt. Its the best sleep I have had in a long time with out the groggy feeling. Its good to take it and just go to sleep do not try to stay awake that's when the crazy things happen like texting and talking on the phone

  • C'est La Vie
    C'est La Vie

    fucking amateurs.

  • nodresiak

    Addicted to ambien? give me a break. It is not as if you run out of ambien and you are knocking over convenience stores to get money to buy some more. You weak minded bastards are retarded and the reason why doctors can't give us completely benign drugs. You went off ambien and you started having sleeping problems? Well you obviously started taking ambien because you had sleeping problems. DUH.

  • Organized Chaos
    Organized Chaos

    She just replaced one with the other. It's a great fucking drug. Like litteraly

  • Zombiecrush75

    What she is addicted to is the "high" that causes her to call friends at 2AM. Nobody gets addicted to sleep. I have been addicted to Ambien for 3 years. My body craves the lucid feeling the pill gives me, and the best part of my day is when I get to take it. It does help you fall asleep, but I still never sleep past 6 hours straight. I damn sure never leave the house after I take it, let alone get behind the wheel of a car.

  • John Sabp
    John Sabp

    actually guy it is addictive. it works on the same receptor site as a benzo. doesn't mean it isn't addictive. that must be why there are more and more stories of this drug.
    Don't give your goddamn opinion if it is ignorant. you stupid fuck

  • ragein5557

    umpa lumpa dupity doo, i slept with my boyfriend and my father too…

  • JJ18fan

    I have taken Ambien for years….no problems. It works wonders!

  • MissPickletoes

    My mom is 81…has severe hypertension, and cannot cannot cannot sleep without her Ambien. I have tried to make her see it is addictive and she would be better off without it, but if she stops, she cannot sleep and her blood pressure goes up to over 200/100. Yet…I can see personality changes in her and it seems like my hands are tied as far as any alternative…

  • madmax0583

    fuck that its nice light that ol' boy (her'on). Not good, no dope sickness but weird post behavior

  • slipknotfan101

    That girl is fucking disgusting. She looks like she tanned for 6 hours straight. *shivers*

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