• lucy girl
    lucy girl

    Hi Dr Berg. I’m currently weaning off prednisone for an autoimmune disease of my liver. What was the name of the product you said would be good to take to build the adrenals back up? Do you suggest I go ahead & start taking this now?

  • william miller
    william miller

    i have had R A for over 25 years and i have taken Prednisone on and off for the hole time and now for the rest of my life ,my hart drops to 20 beats a min. when i sleep if i stop i will get fluid on the hart, the doctors have just recently put a pacemaker in me ,i am 51 years of age i feel im going to die from this….after the pacemaker my doctor calls and say go to emergence room and when i get there my white blood cell count was over 20k per mil meaning i have an infection and they can't find out what or where it is after many test and now this morning i awake to a massive nose bleed stopped after 25 min. about a 1/8 of cup up blood or so im currently taking fluconazole 150 mg for a yeast infection on my foot.

  • nelyton1560


  • Emma

    please do more videos on dangers of other medications… such as antidepressants/psych drugs and possibly even accutane.

  • shirley buck
    shirley buck

    Three things to get over pr edizone. Autoimmune disease

  • R. A.Majeed
    R. A.Majeed

    Dear Doctor,The three products you mentioned should be taken along with predinsone or after completion of cortisone therapy?

  • Renegade Mystic
    Renegade Mystic

    I was given Predisol today for Bells Palsy and painful inflammation in limbs without known cause yet. Oddly one of my mainstays is already Nettles. My diet is already excellent. I n or ally eat lots of foods that are anti-indlammatory.Not sure where this stuff even came from and am very hesitant to take any meds let alone steroids. Need for just 7 days.

  • Samira pariyar Nepal
    Samira pariyar Nepal

    Hi ser I.m samera samera

  • M G S
    M G S

    Panchakarma is the best treatment is the best to get rid of all the side effects it's natural way body rebuilt it's functional 🙏

  • Nichole Bartman
    Nichole Bartman

    This makes me so angry. I have Addison’s disease, so i don’t produce cortisol. Prednisone and Hydrocortisone are the only two types of steroids i can take to survive. Talk about how this can keep someone alive, all medications have side effects like what did i just watch. A doctor who gives this to you should know what they’re doing, anyone should know what they’re taking and how it can effect them. Give other options

  • Matthew Kalinowski
    Matthew Kalinowski

    I'ce been taking prednisone for two weeks and while it helps with some things, it hurts many other things on my body. Most notably is the excrutiating back and neck pain i now have.

  • Jesus isLord
    Jesus isLord

    Day 2 taking 40mg I have a full body rash. OMG itch itch itch! I am allergic to topical steroids so it stands to reason.

  • Sheryl Castro
    Sheryl Castro

    Hi Doc Eric. Would like to ask if prednisone causes a delay in the menstrual cycle? Took it for 2 weeks due to allergy. And my period is delayed for a week now. Hope to hear from you.

  • Ayu Abdullah
    Ayu Abdullah

    I am on it for 4 days now for having allergic reaction to beauty product but my face healed fully 2 days ago. Now my eyes getting lots of pressure and my vision blurry. I have one last day of dosage left (6 tiny pills per dosage) but I am gonna stop. The doctor who prescribed me with it never even update me on the side effects. Hope my vision gets better once I stopped consuming this steroid drug.

  • Philip Bellezza
    Philip Bellezza

    My doctor said I have to take that until it's finished

  • Corinne Culbertson
    Corinne Culbertson

    Thank you Dr. I’ll get these things now.

  • Coondog's outdoor adventures
    Coondog's outdoor adventures

    Im glad I was this. My doctor just prescribed this and I have real bad insomnia. What was she thinking? I am sleeping better on the keto

  • Da3rdsun

    Does it lower your testosterone levels

  • Samira pariyar Nepal
    Samira pariyar Nepal


  • Trip Westcott
    Trip Westcott

    I had my chest sawed open and spread wide to replace a heart valve . The worse post effect 2 weeks later of this was severe sharp back pain that made life miserable . It was nerve pain starting at the back bone that radiated all across my back. . I tried all kinds of pain pills such as Percocet, codeine ect. They work but make you numb and listless. When I was in that much pain any exercise was out of the question.  When I tried  methylprednisolone the result was amazing .  It was my idea not the doctors , but he agreed to let me try it.  I   had to do 2 med packs with taper doses then free of it and pain.  If you need it then get it . Just don't stay on it, or any drug , for longer than needed.

  • Adriana Veliz
    Adriana Veliz

    I got this prescribed today and I don't think I am going to take it. 😬

  • Tom Pen
    Tom Pen

    What are natural alternatives to this? Tumeric? Garlic?

  • Round One
    Round One

    im supposed to take 50 mg for 5 days, I just took one today and I think I will just save the rest for next month. Maybe 1 pill for each month and it will last me for 5 months.

  • Phyllis Smith
    Phyllis Smith

    Thank u tired of gaining weight

  • Mister Yoso
    Mister Yoso

    HELP!!!! I have been coughing bad for 2weeks so today I went to Banner Urgent care. The PA Scott Rogers gave me Perdisone 20mg – why? The bad side effects of this med is horrifying. Why am I even taking it. Scarry!
    Amox-Clav 125mg for green mucus.
    And Siltussin for cough

  • Vegan't

    This angers me. When someone can die from a crisis, you can't take a stupid supplement. You need steroids

  • Joyanta Raksmith
    Joyanta Raksmith

    For sarcodosis I am taking this and putting weight …I absolutely hate it. But that us what the doctors has ordered … What can I possibly do

  • Birdie Jeffers
    Birdie Jeffers

    Would have been nice to know these things from the Rheumatologists who've pumped me full of this stuff to treat my RA over the last decade. I have such a love/hate relationship with steroids. I get inflammatory relief when I take them but dread the side effects :/ I also understand it's not a long term solution, but unfortunately, If you don't qualify for insurance (I live in the state that declined the Medicaid expension) then this is about all they can offer you.

  • La Voz Hoffman
    La Voz Hoffman

    Can i take 20mg of it for 7 days every month? Is this safe?

  • Iam isiam
    Iam isiam

    So, it's like you are saying..never take it…

  • Hipster Squirrel
    Hipster Squirrel

    This medicine killed my grandmother prematurely

  • ankush budhiraja
    ankush budhiraja

    Sir do topical corticosteroid carry the same risks

  • water2wine1

    I am taking a12 day course for poison ☠️ ivy. Didn’t want to but history shows it takes me a long time to get over it. I feel terrible. It spiked my blood sugar. Almost over. Thank goodness

  • unknown1238157

    Every drug has its side effects and you and your doctor need to talk about it’s risk and benefits. Taking medications blindly just because your doctor told you too is not smart.

  • AmBerLAnd


  • Marielle Leo
    Marielle Leo

    Does prednisone cause hair loss/thinning?

  • Mary Jocelyn Lopez
    Mary Jocelyn Lopez

    Kriminal medicine.. it will give you more disease and that is the side effect..scary medicine.. dont take it..

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