• Mario Hernandez
    Mario Hernandez

    Even if everybody knew about it, it’s still too expensive for most of us to do .. I’ve know about Ibogaine for a couple years . Wish I can do it but it’s too expensive .

  • william copley
    william copley

    if they truly wanna help why do they charge 10,000 out of pocket

  • Volker Vielhaber
    Volker Vielhaber

    Yes, i believe Ibogain Treatment works good and you can go through it from shorter Half Life Opiates like Heroin, Morphine, Oxycontine etc!

    BUT…even i saw Videos i WONT believe you can go through it on Cold Turkey from high Dosage Methadone/Polamidone with its extreme Half Life especially after long Time Addiction.

    Other Ibogain Clinic Websites like Iboga Tree shows a clear Warning Notice that you cant go off Methadone instantly for Iboga, you have to switch to short acting Opiates first.

  • T J
    T J

    Dude i HATE!! my addiction im a broke and aint got the kinda money they want. So i guess ill continue to slowly kill myself at the methadone clinic. It fucking breaks my heart. how would you feel if God sold salvation. I reckon a majority of us would go to hell

  • Doodah Man
    Doodah Man

    I want to believe in this so badly. I am in the process of saving for this right now. Does anyone know if this is the best place?

  • Uilium Powell
    Uilium Powell

    Now he won't go into withdrawals after a few days, how long?

  • Blotted

    I need this so bad but I cant afford it. I think that what stops 99% of people who know about this treatment. We cant afford it. 5-6-7k$ is just impossible. Most people live paycheck to paycheck 🙁 This makes incredibly sad.

  • Doug Johnson bushcraft and BJJ
    Doug Johnson bushcraft and BJJ

    He kept slipping up and saying fuck 😂

  • rrhone

    Is this for real? I thought Ibogaine had been discredited a few years ago. I actually considered trying this back then, but the guy who arranged some of these sessions was arrested for some of his adventures, but setup some place in Canada to try and do it there. Can't think of his name at the moment. it will come to me. Do any of you know about this guy I'm talking about?

  • Rach C
    Rach C

    Am coming of subutex in the UK…I never heard of this stuff….

  • Peter Evans
    Peter Evans

    I'm pretty sure this is one of my favorite testimonial videos on this channel. So good to see you Jonathan! Tim you look great! I am so glad you found us man..

  • Rob Miller
    Rob Miller

    My Brother! Good to hear your voice! It was great getting treated together and getting to know you! Hope you are doing well! Thank you David for what you do!

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