• Peter Healthy Lifestyle
    Peter Healthy Lifestyle

    The good people who use this product for a real reason now are getting it so hard to have a doctor to prescribe it to them. Because some folks have decided to use it to get high, it's insane. I've been using this product now for nearly two years because I got seizure when I don't. I am not addicted to it, I take one pill ever night before bed. It's simple. I've been getting them from a young lady from NY whose name is Carla, she's been legit and very reliable. carlaburke85@gmail.com if your doctor can't prescribe them and you really need it, drop her a few lines and help yourself. Take care.

  • debbie isadeen
    debbie isadeen

    I am about to start my reduction of valium tomorrow been on it for 10 years there cutting it down half a tablet so I will break one in half every day for 2 weeks then another half for 2 weeks and so on feeling scared of the withdrawal symptoms 💔 I am on 15 mgs a day

  • william marques
    william marques

    Anti depressive with depression side effect? WTF 2:42

  • jerry9234

    Don't abuse just use it as needed. I use them as least as possible.
    This has been used since the dino's walked the earth. Go Holistic Medical Marijuana. I am one of the first 25 of 300 that got the Pot Program Going. So SMOKE IT AND USE IT AS NEEDED NOT AS ABUSE. Big Difference. Alien Rock Candy Indica Dominant from Revolution Rules. Chicago IL. LoveS You


    my dad use valium

  • Katie Bon
    Katie Bon

    been addicted to valium more than once the withdrawals were pretty bad but the withdrawals from lyrica nearly killed me

  • steve baker
    steve baker

    just those side effects if you are lucky, most people take 6 – 9 months even way longer to come right, with the first 3 months  feeling like brain damage, if you are coming off them,,, hold on tight and good luck

  • tom raymond
    tom raymond

    you forgot suicide and madness

  • * C H R I S T E R *
    * C H R I S T E R *

    Why is that?

  • Bella sabrosa
    Bella sabrosa

    Worst Prescription drug i was ever prescribed … welcome to hell aka valium

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