• Ig-nat-ius

    Thank you so much for using the term impoverished instead of poor! Another thing I want to add is that there's a lot of folks who go into dealing drugs because of employment discrimination everywhere else. If there were better opportunities there would be less people dealing.

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith

    I love this video. its unfortunet tho the average person that's on assistance cant see these things because theyre to buisy dealing with being completely broke and not able to feed themselves.

  • AJ Schultz
    AJ Schultz


    as I was watching the video, I was contemplating the "government's" value on a person/SIN.
    If the entity is producing an income–taxable–there is a potential revenue. So the gov't can assume $X in value. When the entity has ceased from contributing, the next value would arrive from attendance in a gov't approved facility. Such as roll call in school, or military, or prison (or 'a' home).
    I'm not sure where to uncover the payout (to the gov't) received for fallen troops, or the "supplied soldiers" but History suggests Canada isn't sending forces without compensation.

    Attendance is a 'big deal' through school, especially noticed on "snow days" when they cancel the buses, however, the school will remain open. Somewhere there has to be a relationship between funding, students enrolled, and days of class. (The calendar prescribes how many hours in class, and if the numbers don't meet the minimum, the school year is extended, to meet the statute.)

    Jail, it's all just a mystery to me today, I can only gather tales from stories in the news, or from gossip. But, like every other institute, its a business. They have to have the numbers, or the company will collapse. Drugs are a part of the system, or else they would have been eradicated. And criminal activities would be a thing of the past. Society has been doing this for thousands of years. It's broken for financial gain. Agents of greed. Preying on the vulnerable and unsuspecting SIN.

  • Nat Lopez
    Nat Lopez

    Sharing everywhere

  • Dave Nicholson
    Dave Nicholson

    You said it all very well. I am VERY aware of the statistics as I have gone out of my way to look at them. It is sad to me that the most vocal against the poor are almost always not willing to look at actual evidence.

    A basic income that is to a level of where you can live a healthy life and have at least a minimal level of entertainment in you life (like cable TV or the internet) is important for many reasons and I think you spoke of them. When a person has nothing to do but sit and think about their situation things go wrong. This leads to a path of self destructive choices in most cases or they fall victim to groups who will use them.

    Personally even with the cutbacks in my province I am able to eat well and have the internet to socialize and entertain myself. I do not on the other hand, have the ability to safe for things like a new bed or a new TV if I need them. Literally every last penny is used up before the end of the month. Being that they do not allow you to save too much money in the bank it is not possible to save for these things as well. They system is flawed in that manner. As well I am only allowed to make $100 before they start deducting from my benefits. Thus trying to work myself off the system would be impossible.

    They need to completely change the way things work. The system is often set up to first make it almost impossible to get on then impossible to get off.

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